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C-43 Sheet Metal
Contractors License and Performance Bonds

C43 – Sheet Metal Contractor

A sheet metal contractor selects, cuts, shapes, fabricates and installs sheet metal such as cornices, flashings, gutters, leaders, pans, kitchen equipment, duct work (including insulation, patented chimneys, metal flues, metal roofing systems and any other installations requiring sheet metal).

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Content of the Examination

The Sheet Metal (C-43) Examination is divided into eight major sections. These sections are:

1. Job Evaluation and Estimation (25%)

  • Scope of work
  • Project measurements and calculations
  • Flashing and gutters
  • Duct work
  • Metal roofing materials
  • Louvers and screens

2. Sheet Metal Fabrication (20%)

  • Pattern development
  • Shop fabrication techniques
  • Fastening methods
  • Sealing and waterproofing

3. Metal Flashing Installation (10%)

  • Roof flashings
  • Wall and deck flashings
  • Louvers, vents, and screens

4. Rain Gutter and Downspout Installation (9%)

  • Drainage design
  • Cutting and fastening
  • Testing procedures

5. Duct Work Installation (14%)

  • Duct layout
  • Hanging and assembly methods
  • Insulation methods
  • Environmental exhaust systems
  • Grills and finish

6. Metal Roofing and Siding Installation (7%)

  • Metal roof and siding panels layout
  • Fastening methods
  • Underlayment and vapor barrier
  • Material protection

7. Commercial and Industrial Installations (5%)

  • Exhaust hoods
  • Sinks, countertops, and shelving
  • Column covers and corner guards
  • Metal decking

8. Shop and Job Site Safety (10%)

  • Fall protection
  • Equipment operation
  • Handling of hazardous materials

*Percentages are approximate*

Test Site Policy
This is a closed-book examination. No reference materials may be used during the examination. All materials brought to the examination site must be left in an unmonitored area at your own risk.

Test Strategy
This is a multiple-choice examination with four choices per question. Some questions require mathematical computation. Examination questions are written to provide only one BEST answer and are NOT written as trick questions.

All correct answers have equal value and there are no score reductions for wrong answers. Therefore, all examination questions should be answered.

Ample time is provided to answer all examination questions, so be sure to read each question and its four choices completely and carefully before selecting the BEST possible answer to the question.

Sample Questions

The following questions are typical of the types of items that are on the examination. The correct answer is highlighted.

1. Which of the following materials is recommended to break contact between dissimilar metals in order to prevent electrolysis?

  1. Copper striping
  2. Rosin paper
  3. Gypsum board
  4. Waterproof felt

2. How much space should be provided between the bottom of the downspout and the bottom of the splash pan?

  1. 1/2”
  2. 1”
  3. 2”
  4. 3”

3. For a duct system serving a Type I kitchen hood, what is the minimum slope toward the hood or grease reservoir?

  1. 1/4” per foot
  2. 3/8” per foot
  3. 1/2” per foot
  4. 3/4” per foot

*All questions are written and reviewed by licensed contractors who are actively working in the field*

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