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C-39 Roofing
Contractors License and Performance Bonds

C39 – Roofing Contractor

A roofing contractor installs products and repairs surfaces that seal, waterproof and weatherproof structures. This work is performed to prevent water or its derivatives, compounds or solids from penetrating such protection and gaining access to material or space beyond. In the course of this work, the contractor examines and/or prepares surfaces and uses the following material: asphaltum, pitch, tar, felt, glass fabric, urethane foam, metal roofing systems, flax, shakes, shingles, roof tile, slate or any other roofing, waterproofing, weatherproofing or membrane material(s) or a combination thereof.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Content of the Examination

The Roofing (C-39) Examination is divided into five major sections. These sections are:

1. Roofing Job Evaluation (30%)

  • Roof-covering selection
  • Roofing plans and specifications
  • Roofing components, materials & measurements
  • Roofing calculations

2. Job Site and Deck Preparation (16%)

  • Roofing preparation management
  • Roof removals
  • Deck corrections

3. Low-Slope Roof Installations (16%)

  • Equipment, set-up, maintenance & procedures
  • Deck preparations and insulation
  • Built-up applications
  • Single-ply and fluid applied applications

4. Steep-Slope Roof Installations (24%)

  • Metals, penetrations, ventilation and insulation
  • Composition shingle coverings
  • Tile coverings
  • Wood and synthetic shake installations
  • Metal panel installations

5. Roof Installation Safety (14%)

  • Cal/OSHA administrative requirements
  • Fall protection and roof safety
  • Tool, equipment and material safety

*Percentages are approximate*

Test Site Policy
This is a closed-book examination. No reference materials may be used during the examination. All materials brought to the examination site must be left in an unmonitored area at your own risk.

Test Strategy
This is a multiple-choice examination with four choices per question. Some questions require mathematical calculation. Examination questions are written to provide only one BEST answer and are NOT written as trick questions.

All correct answers have equal value. If you are unsure about a particular question, it is better to try to answer the question with the chance of possibly getting it correct (and earning one point) than it is to leave the question blank and definitely get it wrong (and lose one point).

Ample time is provided to answer all examination questions, so be sure to read each question and its four choices completely and carefully before selecting the BEST possible answer to the question.

Sample Questions

The following questions are typical of the types of items that are on the examination. The correct answer is highlighted.

1. How many inches must roof valley flashing overlap?

  1. 1-1/2”
  2. 2”
  3. 3”
  4. 4”

2. What is the purpose of cant strips?

  1. To protect edge metal
  2. To secure steel fasteners
  3. To eliminate sharp angles
  4. To apply cold adhesives

3. If a flat rectangular roof measures 16’ x 31’, how many squares of roof covering is required?

  1. 5
  2. 15
  3. 25
  4. 50

*All questions are written and reviewed by licensed contractors who are actively working in the field*

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*Publisher information is current as of 6/06*

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