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Without requesting your Course Updates our study materials may not be current.
Do not request Course Updates until you have received an actual exam date.
When you receive your Notice to Appear for your Exam Date from the State; Email us at and include;

  • Your Name
  • Trade Classification
  • Order Number
  • Date of Purchase
  • Fax Number

You may also FAX the above information to 408-244-0253

Or call us at 408-243-3636.

We will fax you any Course Updates (within 48 hours) that have been created since your original course date. Review and study the new updated exam questions.

Course Updates are the most recent questions, answers and explanations that we have accumulated from the time you purchased your course. In many cases, we prefer to release questions in update form rather than as a finished test because;

  • It is the fastest way to get new questions to you (we don't have to take the time to reformat the questions, cross-reference them, etc.)
  • The question may still be incomplete (e.g., we don't know all the available answers) or is ambiguous in some way. Even though a question is incomplete, there is often enough information to enable the student to answer the question on the State exam; especially if the student can rely on field experience.

The biggest source of misunderstanding about the updates is how important they are. In many cases we regard the update questions as the most important ones because they are generally the latest ones to be released by the State.
Many students don't seem to take the update seriously because it has a less formal appearance, or because some questions aren't answered, or because the update is usually studied at the end of the curriculum. This is unfortunate, because updates are often the key to passing the exam.


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