Contractors Licensing KITS Include
General Engineering
General Building
Insulation and Acoustic
Boiler, Heat and Steam
framing and Carpentry
Cabinet and Mill Work
Low Voltage
Earthwork and Paving
Floor Covering
Fire Protection
HVAC Heat and Air
Building Move and Demo
Ornamental Metals
Lock and Security
Traffic Control
Parking and Highway
Painting and Decorating
Lath and Plaster
Sanitation Systems
Sheet Metal
Electrical Signs
Manufactured Homes
Reinforcing Steel
Structural Steel
Swimming Pool
Ceramic Tiles
Water Conditioning
Water Well Drilling
Asbestos Removal
Hazardous Removal

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Licensing Support
  • We are here to answer any of your Contractors Licensing Questions.
  • We have over 30 years experience as Working Licensed Contractors.
  • We provide Pre-Application Assistance to help insure smooth processing through the State.
  • formation, Certification and Form processing.
  • We can be reached by phone at 800-456-2150 or emailed 24 hours a day.
  • Even after you get licensed, call us with any contracting questions and we would be glad to help.
Licensing Checklist
  • We provide a spiral bound Licensing Checklist that guides you through the licensing procedure
  • The Checklist is your tool to track your steps until you get your license.
  • Just check off each task as you complete that portion of the course.
  • Even after you get licensed, call us with any contracting questions and we would be glad to help
Application Forms
  • We are here to help, get answers from Licensed Contractors with over 30 years experience.
  • We provide FULL Application, Certification and Form processing support
  • We can be reached by phone at 800-456-2150 or Emailed 24 hours a day
  • Even after you get licensed, call us with any contracting questions and we would be glad to help
Law and Trade Manuals
  • KITS include Study manuals for the Law and Business and each Trade Course you order.
  • Our Study Manuals follow the Course Lectures provided on DVD and CD.
  • The first half of the Study Manuals covers the information in the Teachers Class Lectures.
  • The back half of the Course Manuals contains hundreds of Simulated Practice Exam Questions.
Practice Questions
  • Each Manual includes hundreds of Practice Exam Questions with Answers and Explanations.
  • After listening to the teacher and reading the Manuals you should study the practice questions.
  • Study each Practice Questions;read the question, then immediately read the correct answer.
  • This learning technique will help FREEZE the correct answers into your memory.
  • Don't TAKE these questions as a Test. You will tested using our "Practice Exam CDs".
Current Updates
  • When you order your Licensing KIT you will receive the most current Study Manuals available.
  • Before you send your Application to the State, FAX your application to us at 408-244-0253.
  • When you receive your State Exam Date, contact us and we FAX you any update to your course.
  • Email Us at:
  • Or Call Us at 800-456-2150
Application Review
  • When you receive your Contractor Licensing KIT look over the Documents, Manuals and Disc.
  • Call or Email us immediately if you feel you may be missing or have the wrong information.
  • It's simple. Start filling out the Application and forms as best you can.
  • Make Copies of the Application to the State, FAX your application to us at 408-244-0253.
  • FAX your application to us at 408-244-0253
  • After reviewing your documents we will contact you with our question and suggestions.
lectures on DVD and CD
  • Each Trade Course & Study Manual comes with a recording of a Live Law or Trade Lecture.
  • These Recorded Lectures are available on DVDs ( Audio and Video ) and/or Cds ( Audio only ).
  • The Lectures on the DVDs and Cds are the same but with the Cds you don't get the Video.
  • Which Course type should you order?Are you a Visual learner? Can you learn with Audio only?
  • Many contractors order both and watch the DVDs at the home and listen to cds in their Trucks
  • NO NEED for a 2 Day Crash Course, We include a Practice Exam CDs with each License KIT.
  • Crash Courses "PRACTICE EXAM CDs" are included with each Trade or Law & Business.
  • You can practice your Exams over and over and the program will grade you 60%,75%, 90% etc.
  • The program will let you know the questions you missed so you can revisit those questions.
  • You will be well prepared for your State Exam after practicing with this Crash Course.
200% Guarantee
  • We offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee, if you fail the State Exam after 3 attempt, We pay 200%
  • You must request an update to our Study Materials 2 weeks prior to your Exam Date.
  • 95% of our Contractors Pass the State Exams on their FIRST try.
  • Our only request is that to help us, you need to let us know what our Study Materials didn't cover.
  • Also let us know what questions you have that we could better answer.
  • Shipping and Handling is FREE on all Original Licensing KITS or orders greater than $250.00
  • Course KITS are sent United States priority Mail and include Delivery Confirmation.
  • KITS are typically received within 5 days but allow 7 to10 working days for delivery.
  • Overnight fedEx Shipping and 2-3 Day UPS ground Shipping is available.
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